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A Design response to India’s apocalyptic 2nd Covid Wave
A conference for a cause, all proceeds go to charities


Stellar speakers from around the world (and growing)


Sessions, including Lightning talks, panels, 4x4s & Faux-Fireside chats


Days over 2 weekends,
June 11-20


Charities helping distressed families on the ground

June 11-20


6 Day Conference Schedule

In June 2021, creators, makers & designers united to raise

₹ 7,000,000+

For Charities taking on India’s Covid Crisis

Goonj: Covid 2021 Rahat Fund

Apart from large-scale food drives, Goonj will also be working on bringing other essentials like PPE kits, oxygen cylinders, masks,etc to the ones who need them the most.

O2 For You (Hemkunt Foundation)

Hemkunt Foundation is seeking funds for O2 Cylinders to help COVID patients across the country. The cylinders will be distributed to those in need by conducting drives.

Aajeevika Bureau: Covid Relief Fund

Works with migrant labourers, daily wagers and their families to help them survive the economic fallout of covid - by providing food, cash transfers as well as transport for the stranded

Tribal Health Initiative

Started by two Doctors in 1992 to improve the lives of the tribal communities living in remote parts of Southern India, THI addresses healthcare - from education, prevention to treatment & cure.
🔔 We are verifying & onboarding more charities & causes. Why these charities?

UnitedWay is our collection partner for the campaign, for the beneficiaries above | Website

Your donation sets off a chain reaction

Every donation makes a difference. And gets you access to an all-star conference.

  • Hunger vs Covid

    A min donation of Rs 6750 ($90) provides dry rations to last 30 days for 3 families of 4 people in Rajasthan or Odisha or Andhra. These families traveled to cities to find work. Today, nothing moves. Except Covid stats. Time to end the Covid vs. hunger fight!

  • Our Fundraise Focus

    Rural India is reeling under COVID. It’s where 75-80% of India’s 1.4 billion people live. They’re gasping. Gasping for daily meals, for medicines, access to beds, an ambulance. And Oxygen. And they don’t tweet. That’s where 90% of this fundraise’s focus is!

  • Saving & Sustaining

    It is much more than just “help India breathe”. Migrant laborers without work. Children without parents. Unsold inventory. Piling debt. Crushing interest rates. Broken healthcare. Our donation is for charities balancing saving lives and sustaining families, communities.

  • Stretch Every Rupee

    Our response to the apocalyptic 2nd wave of covid was a to hurriedly assemble an all-star cast of creators, makers, designers – to raise funds for a few causes. 100% of minimum donation of Rs 6750 ($90) goes to charities. Do good, make a difference and get inspired.

  • ₹ 6750 x 95 = ?

    ₹ 6750 x 1.25 = 5 days of all-expenses paid hospital stay in the tribal hamlet of Sittilingi, Southern India. ₹ 6750 x 95 = an Oxygent concentrator. ₹ 6750 x 120 = a new covid isolation ward with 15 beds. Your donation does go far!

Donations so far, for our charities


Top Donors


Daniel Burka, London


Julie Zhuo, California


Dave G, California


Obvious Ventures, Bengaluru


Swiggy, Bengaluru


Anuj Bhargava, Delhi


Esha M Dutta, Bengaluru


Razorpay Software, Bengaluru


Ashish Dua, Gurgaon


Abhinit Tiwari, Noida


Arun, Hosur


Agniraj Chatterji, Bengaluru


Anoop Kumar, Badlapur


Mohammed Hussain, Chennai


Priya K Sharma, Singapore


Weiman, Singapore


Abhinab Sonowal, Bengaluru


Anurag Arora, Bengaluru


Pari Purohit, Mumbai


Malavika Talukder, Delhi


Hemant Suthar, Mumbai

Donate = ConferencePass

Registration is closed and the conference is behind us. But you can still donate directly to our selected charities.


June 11-20


6 Day Conference Schedule



Why DesignUpForACause?

DesignUp is a community - and one of the things (we think) we do well is conferences (here's a wrap of our 2019 and 2018 conferences). Doing a virtual conference was strictly off our agenda, but a crisis of this scale (India's 2nd wave of Covid) forced us back!

Over 2 extended weekends from June 10-20th, we will be gathering some of the most inspiring Design, Product makers, creators, doers and thought-leaders to share their knowledge, learning and show their support.

Why June? Isn't it too late?

The apocalyptic 2nd wave of covid in India is likely to take weeks to months, to peak and subside. Given the size of the country, different states will go through different phases, timelines. The aftermath of the 2nd wave will be economically devastating for many communities and India's rural belts - apart from loss of lives. The tragedy of this scale needs all resources and hands on deck - and we need to prepare for a 3rd wave.

Can my company support or sponsor DesignUpForACause?

We can partner for sure. We welcome a partnership - though it is not very efficient financially (taxes etc). In the present circumstances it's still a great way of routing the money to a lot of charities who need it, and are often missed out. Many of these charities do not also have the complex regulatory clearances to take foreign money or the tech finesse. So despite the inefficiencies a sizeable chunk makes it to charities. Since this isn't a typical conference - we're not calling for sponsors!

Can I get a refund?

You're not buying a ticket. You're donating - and in lieu of which, you'll have a conference pass. That's to say - you're making a non-refundable donation that's helping someone!

When do I get the schedule?

We're on a tight tight timeline - overwhelmed by the support of the creative+maker community. But we're working to juggle a lot of availabilities and time zones. So you might get it a few days before the online event starts!

Who's UnitedWay?

UnitedWay is an international charity and we're partnering with their local Bangalore Chapter. UnitedWay (UW) is our collection partner - which means that they'll recieve money and make payments to charities. If some charities meet their commitment or if we add new charities - it'sll be easier to change and faster to route through UW. Also, UW vets and verifies charities. UW will also send the 80G form to Indian citizens who request it.

What’s DesignUp? Community and conversation.

DesignUp is an open, inclusive and ongoing conversation around the theory & practice of Design-in-Tech encompassing UX, Product, Data. DesignUp celebrates Design at the intersection of Tech and Business. DesignUp is SE Asia’s largest community-led and volunteer-driven Design-In-tech event

Past DesignUp Conference editions have been supported by

Why these charities?

While oxygen and beds in the system are immediate needs, we believe that we should ensure that low-decibel, low-visibility but longer term needs and fixes are not forgotten. Especially to enable the underfunded communities in India's semi-urban and rural areas to be ready for future onslaught - a possible 3rd wave.

We also focused on fundraisers and causes where we can make material and meaningful contributions to. Our focus areas are socio-economic sustenance, livelihood and strengthen healthcare infrastructure - in areas neighbouring india's resource hungry cities.

Your generosity

helped a person, a family and a community 💙 Thank you for making a difference!

Some of the world's most celebrated Designers & Makers join forces to help India fight back the COVID 2nd Wave ✊ I stood up for the cause. I contributed 🙌 Do your bit. Donate. Attend #DesignUpForACause | #DUp21 Virtual Conference | June 11-20
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